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Guided Particle Systems (GP) is an advanced technology research, development, and manufacturing company that specializes in system-level packaging, scaling, integration and solving complex problems. Born from a need to rapidly design, fabricate, test, and iterate small form factor, low power, low-cost oceanographic sensors, GP has an untethered, holistic approach to creative technology development. From the arts to analytical chemistry, robotics, and quantum science, we research, develop, and apply cross-disciplinary and cross-industry technologies, tools, and techniques in our solutions. This approach enhances our ability to respond to critical domestic needs through vertical integration within our product offerings and to support customer needs.


* Future/coming soon


Material Processing

(prototype/low volume/high mix)

2D/lithography and 3D/additive printing, etching, deposition, laser cutting, machining, coating, photopolymerization on flat and complex surfaces, large and small area.

  • Polymers

  • Ceramics

  • Composites

  • Metals

  • Glasses

  • Biomaterials


  • Heterogeneous/multi-domain (sea, air, land, space, cyber) communication, sensing, and computing at the edge (i.e.: mobility)

  • Decentralized robotic networks for manufacturing and education

Data (Application Specific)

  • Visualization/Portal

  • Human Machine Interfaces

  • Networked Data

  • Secure data exchange


  • Curriculum development*

  • Augmented Reality


RF, electronic, photonic, chemical, mechanical, fluidic.


  • Advanced Packaging

  • Interconnects


  • Advanced packaging (2D/3D, Flex)

  • Miniaturization/SWaP-C

  • Fieldable Systems (marine, space, mobile/remote, robotic)

  • Heterogeneous & Multiphysics Systems

  • Quantum Systems Packaging

  • Vacuum Systems

  • Mass Spectrometers (Ion Trap, Quad)

  • Robotics (patterning, assembly, inspection, metrology, microscopy, spectroscopy)

  • Automation (processing, sampling, process control)

  • AI/Machine Learning/Machine Vision

Engineering Prototyping Expertise/Innovative problem solving

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Software/programming (big data, image processing, controls, cloud computing)

  • Test & Evaluation

  • Chemistry

  • Physics/Optics*

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