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Freeform Microfabrication

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Guided Particle Systems introduced NAVI, the first in its series of Freeform Microfabrication products, in July 2022. Targeting college and university educators and researchers as customers, NAVI will help prepare the workforce for reshoring of microelectronics, advanced packaging, and electronic assembly through hands-on activities that use robotics combined with established fabrication techniques and materials - without the need for a cleanroom or semiconductor fab. Click on the links below to learn more.



High Performance Surfaces & Systems

GP systems enable fabrication of high-performance microstructures on complex surfaces for thermal, optical, mechanical, and electrical systems in aerospace, defense, space, and other industries. Complex, custom features ranging from tens to hundreds of microns are possible.

Research & Development

Flexible and automated, GP’s microfabrication technology enables rapid prototyping of

high-performance electronic systems by allowing researchers to design, fabricate, test and repeat

new or improved concepts in a short timeframe.

 Electronic Packaging Innovations

With GP, printed circuit board technology innovations such as PCBMEMS, high density interconnects, microfluidics, and embedded sensors on flat and conformal surfaces are possible.

Education/Workforce Training

GP offers services, hardware platforms, software

and curricula development for advanced technology education, leading to experiential learning in

electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and robotics.

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