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Guided Particle CEO Speaks at AMED-India Project Kickoff

Shares Experience and Capabilities for Mobile Diagnostics

Guided Particle Systems Inc (GPSI) CEO David Fries presented the company’s capabilities to an audience of honored guests and scientific collaborators at the Japan Institute of Science & Technology (JAIST) in Ishikawa, Japan. The purpose of this hybrid live-virtual event was to present an overview of the AMED-India project to stimulate interest and expand the number of partnering industries around the world.

Diagnostic testing for Covid-19 and other disease is challenging in developing and emerging countries where cold storage necessary to transport and store critical test materials is not readily available. In addition, the perishable nature of these materials typically limits manufacturers to small batch production runs, making ramp up difficult when an urgent need arises. GPSI’s robotic systems will automate the process for rapid production of solid stable (freeze dried) test kits, enabling large scale production, storage, and transport to and within remote areas of the world.

BioSeeds Corporation, a JAIST venture, launched the AMED-India project in November 2021 to establish a new system in India to detect variants of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by March 2024. The project’s fruit will be expanded to Malaysia and other ASEAN countries in the later phase of the project.

Guided Particle Systems Inc is an advanced technology research, development, and manufacturing company developing fabrication technologies, materials, and processes to achieve advances in automation, system-level packaging, scaling, and integration for mobile/remote platforms in nation-critical industries such as microelectronics, quantum, space systems, and biotech.


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