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Guided Particle Systems Inc Partners with Purdue University on Quantum Education

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Florida Company to Provide Internships, connect with DoD, and Promote Learning Opportunities

Guided Particle Systems Inc (GPSI) is collaborating with Purdue University, Microsoft Azure, IonQ, and other quantum industry leaders in the development of the Innovation in Quantum Pedagogy, Application, and its Relation to Culture (IQ-PARC) program.

A sub awardee to the $2.8M grant awarded to Purdue University by the U.S. Department of Defense, GPSI will advise and provide internships in mobile integrated quantum systems, help the program connect with DoD personnel interested in a future quantum workforce, and promote the program to Northwest Florida students.

IQ-PARC seeks to address the gap in quantum education and workforce development. It will develop educational materials accessible to learners with different backgrounds and levels and provide free access to a diverse set of quantum hardware for learners to interact with through Azure Quantum and other cloud providers.

“The U.S. has fallen behind in emerging technology areas such as quantum, and workforce development is critical to our future. We have been working with Purdue on a mobile quantum communication Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) project for the U.S. Air Force since the fall of 2020,” says GPSI COO Carolyn Fries. “We’re excited to build upon that relationship and help bring together students from different disciplines to interact with and learn about quantum technologies.”

Guided Particle Systems Inc is an advanced technology research, development, and manufacturing company developing fabrication technologies, materials, and processes to achieve advances in system-level packaging, scaling, and integration for mobile/remote platforms in nation-critical industries such as microelectronics, quantum, and space systems.


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